Bride dislocates her knee during first dance

Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 8:42 AM CDT
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PHILADELPHIA (CNN) - A bride somehow managed to dislocate her knee during her first dance, but she still ended up wearing her wedding gown instead of a hospital gown.

After they exchanged vows and kissed, a pair of Pennsylvania newlyweds slowed down for their first dance, to the song “Stay” by the Dave Matthews Band.

As the groom, Paul Richter, goes to dip his new bride, Julie Benn, something goes wrong. Benn wound up dislocating her knee, even though she was wearing flats and had no known knee problems.

Benn told WTXF in Philadelphia she knew instantly what had happened.

“I was in this dip and I said to Paul, ‘I just dislocated my knee.’ He said ‘What? OK, OK, let’s move. Let’s get off the dance floor,’” Benn said.

Richter, a second lieutenant in the Army, supported her and her heavy wedding dress as they waited for the ambulance.

Benn was whisked off to the hospital, looking like a queen in that gown in a wheelchair.

She was there for about three hours.

Doctors reset her knee then let the bride return to the party, where she got quite a reception.

“Just in time for the last song,” Benn said. “I was still on a lot of meds. None of the pain meds working, so they had to sedate me at the hospital.”

Benn spent her wedding night zonked out in bed with her husband while her mom, a retired nurse, slept on a nearby cot, because her daughter was so sick from the pain meds.

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