7th annual back to school drive in Marion

Published: Jul. 31, 2021 at 5:31 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Marion Chief Randall Davis has done it again by giving nearly a thousand kids school supplies for the fall. Chief Davis has been doing this event for 7 years – willing to help his community when in need.

Families from all over showed up at Marion Town Hall Saturday for the annual school supply drive.

“This is great for the kids that are not able to have school supplies. It gives them a chance to meet different people and to show appreciation. It is really nice of him doing that,” said volunteer Toskia Blanks.

“It’s a great deed that we are doing here as well as chief. It is only going to get better,” said the Mayor of town Larry Gill.

Davis has partnered with several organizations that helped to keep his mission alive over the years.

“Chief Randall is a blessing to everybody in the city of Marion as well as the surrounding areas. As a community activist for Kemper, Mr. Randall reached out to me several times throughout the years. He donated and helped us with several events with school supplies. I felt that it was right to come down here to support Chief Randall today,” said Volunteer Justin Creer.

The groups gave at least 4,000 pencils, more than 1,000 book bags, and countless classroom materials.

“I think it is an awesome thing that Chief Randall is putting together. Each year it has gotten bigger and bigger. Now that we are a part of it, we are going to help chief anyway that we can to ensure that it gets bigger and better every year,” said Mayor Gill.

Davis said this back-to-school giveaway; all began after a group of people was asking for school supplies seven years ago.

“One day, we were notified that said Chief Davis we have some kids at the Northeast Elementary without school supplies. That was a new twist for me, but it was nothing that couldn’t be done,” said Chief Randall Davis of Marion.

One organization said that they have been at this event since the beginning and will continue to help the community.

“I absolutely love it. I think it is a great thing coming out here to suppose the community. I want to thank Chief Davis. Everything he does and everyone else volunteering is a great thing,” said Northeast R.O.T.C Commanding Officer Brendan Stevens.

Davis is making it his mission to travel to schools in other districts every year to give school supplies.

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