LCSD & Woodstock Furniture team up for “Decompression Rooms”

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 3:06 PM CDT
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The Lauderdale County School District has teamed up with Woodstock Furniture to further help meet the needs of teachers. As part of the efforts, the teachers at the schools received a nice surprise.

Deliveries of furniture took place at Lauderdale County schools Monday as the school system established decompression rooms for faculty and staff on all campuses.

“Each of our campuses we’ll have one of these rooms for teachers to emotionally collect themselves,” said Dr. John Mark Cain, Superintendent of the LCSD. “We know it’s been a couple of emotional years for out teachers. It’s been stressful. We just looked at this as a way to help them and we’re responding to their needs as well.”

“Our teachers to do much for our community,” said Mrs. Bailey Honeycutt, an owner of Woodstock. “It’s wonderful that we as citizens can participate in some way to make their day just a little bit better to help create a room where they can go and relax a little bit in the middle of their day. They can take a break and go back to the classroom fully charged and ready to go.”

The decompression rooms come complete with a reclining chair, a flat screen television with soothing pictures and music, plants, and plenty of positive reinforcement.

“I think it’s amazing to have a place that we can go and kick back and relax for a second and get back to the job that we’re supposed to be doing,” said Peyton Grogon, a math teacher at Southeast Middle School. “This is amazing. It’s so relaxing. It’s nice to just come in and sit down and relax. "

“Everybody is feeling it,” added Cain. “We just thought it was a way to let our teachers know that their mental health means a lot too.”

The idea for the decompression rooms came when Southeast Lauderdale Elementary provided a small room for teachers.

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