Frontline Responders: Adrian Cross strives to serve hometown

Updated: Jan. 8, 2023 at 8:00 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) -“I always try to stand in my purpose, and I’ve thought for a long time that my purpose is to help whoever I can, however I can, while I can. And that is a very vague purpose because I can be in any position and do that,” said Meridian Public School District Parent Engagement Specialist, Adrian Cross.

You can call her an advocate, volunteer, and even a community leader. Adrian Cross wears many hats as she strives to serve her community.

Cross was born and raised in Meridian. After she graduated from college she worked with students and as a recruiter at Meridian Community College which she said fueled her fire to help others.

“Then it progressed on to the Community of Hope. Working with some of our high school seniors. Helping them volunteer and then the Meridian Freedom Project where I was able to work with 6th-12th graders and that was huge as well as their families, so it really continued to invigorate me. Taught adolescent psychology at MCC. Continued on with Meridian Public School District as a Parent Engagement Specialist. That had me really encouraged to help our families, help our children excel,” said Cross.

Through it all, she was always serving with United Way as a volunteer, helping with their campaigns, and as an advocate.

“It’s all triggered by God. I’m God led. God led and parent fed and I say that because my parents taught me a long time ago to volunteer and help people who can’t and need help. If someone needs help, help them if you can. My parents really instilled that in us at a young age. So, it really warms my heart to give back to those who are in need in the community and even some who just need a temporary boost. I’m just blessed to be able to do that,” said Cross.

And her community efforts haven’t gone unnoticed in East Mississippi. She achieved being part of the inaugural class of the top 20 of 40, Leadership Lauderdale, and being a top volunteer. But cross said the biggest reward is learning.

“Being here in Meridian and serving the community that helped me grow means more to me than anything. I had many options to leave but why leave when there’s so much that can be done here and not only the positions, I’ve had around the community but knowing people. I consider myself a connector so being in these positions I’ve been able to help other people help themselves or gain notoriety and even help others. So, it’s just amazing to be able to wake up knowing I’m still at home and I’m still here, alive and I’m still able to make a difference,” said Cross.

Cross said she is looking forward to enhancing and enriching community members by offering mental health opportunities here soon.