Exclusive interview with Governor Tate Reeves

Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 5:33 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - News 11 sat down with Governor Tate Reeves to discuss his future for east Mississippi and what he plans to do in his second term as Governor of Mississippi.

Reeves made it a point to discuss the economic and educational growth that east Mississippi was making, bringing up the Threefoot Hotel.

He also mentioned all of the workforce development projects that school districts in east Mississippi are taking on.

“Job creation and bringing better and higher paying jobs to our state. It’s good for our citizens. We’ve made a decision to invest in our people through workforce development and workforce training to invest in our communities, which has helped lead to a resurgence there in Meridian, Downtown Meridian specifically. And that’s something I’m proud of, and I’m proud of having the opportunity here in 2023 to talk about, I think, sometimes in Mississippi, we don’t realize how, how good some things are going in our state, and we need to take a a step back and actually talk about it a little bit.

“We we’ve seen a tremendous new investment in in downtown Meridian over the last four years during my tenure as governor. It’s an area that I think has a tremendous potential when you think about Interstate 59 and Interstate 55 meeting there just east of town. The reality is that that we’ve got some real opportunities there. We’ve already seen numerous businesses located in downtown Meridian. We just announced one earlier. This year just a week or so ago with a, a new company, refurbishing an old building in downtown. We’ve seen the new hotel in the old building downtown. We’re seeing Mississippi State and the successes that they’ve had there in downtown, and so we’re we’re really seeing a lot of successes in it, and I believe very strongly that success begets success,” said Governor Reeves.

Reeves also talked about how the state made money during his tenure as governor and how he planned on using that money.

“We have almost four billion dollars set aside for a rainy day to invest in infrastructure to make Mississippi an even better place to invest capital and an even better place to create jobs and, yes an even better place to raise a family,” said Reeves