Frontline Responders: Kevin Richardson

Updated: Feb. 19, 2023 at 8:00 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) -“I feel it’s my calling.”

Mr. Kevin Richardson has worked for the Enterprise Fire Department since 1986 and has done everything from fighting fires to saving lives after, but there is one thing he still does before every call.

“Just kind of build yourself up as you’re going down the road, and I I’ve always said a little prayer where before I get there, you know, and it always seems to help,” said Kevin Richardson.

Even after 30 years, he always expects the unexpected.

“You know you don’t never really know what you’re going to until you get there, and it could be it could be anything,” said Kevin Richardson.

But when he gets to the scene, he has one thing on his mind.

“I want to save that patient. Do as much as I can, you know, and hopefully, everything will work out,” said Kevin Richardson.

Mr. Richardson has been to many accidents, but there is one place that stands out more than most.

“Out on the Interstate. That’s like going to a NASCAR track. These people they don’t slow down to blue lights and red lights. You know, but little do they know one day it’ll be their loved one out there, you know. But I just urge people to slow down when you see flashing blue, blue, and red lights because those people are out there trying to do a job, and the last thing you want to do is get ran over by somebody,” said Kevin Richardson.

After working for so long, Mr. Richardson has one thing that keeps him going.

“It’s the people I work with. You know you come, you come, good friends, when you’re running up down the road at three in the morning and middle afternoon. You get to know people, and a lot of these people I knew like from school. But when you go on to a further level, you, you just you, you know the more you’re around somebody, the more you’re going to know know something about them. But we’re just we’re just a big family,” said Kevin Richardson.