Transgender youth supporters speak out on opposition of House Bill 1125

Published: Mar. 1, 2023 at 6:17 PM CST
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - We told you about Governor Tate Reeves signing House Bill 1125 into law Tuesday. A bill that prohibits transgender-related healthcare for youth in Mississippi. News 11 has more reactions from those opposed to the bill.

House bill 1125 is also known as the Regulate Experimental Adolescent Procedures Act. So let’s break down what it means...

It bans any person from knowingly providing gender transition procedures to a person under 18. It also prevents public funds or tax deductions for prohibited gender transition procedures, places enforcement procedures on the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure, and stops Medicaid from covering gender transition for people under 18.

News 11 spoke with the Executive Director of the ‘TRANS Program’ in Mississippi, Jensen Matar who said transgender people didn’t have many freedoms, to begin with before the passing of House Bill 1125 and have zero discrimination protections in the state. He said this new law which went into effect immediately-- has eliminated the already limited gender-affirming care like puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy that was available.

“You know we knew it was going to get passed despite our efforts and yet still even with that knowledge, we were devastated. These children are already feeling isolated. They don’t have what they need. And so, if anything whether they were accessing hormones or not, you have communicated these leaders supposed leaders of our state have communicated a very strong message that they are not welcomed, that they are not good enough, we don’t believe you, that you don’t belong. That’s a message of isolation and that type of message never does any good for anybody,” said Matar.

Matar said this bill is only targeting a small percentage of youth in the state.

“You hear this language, sterilization, castration, new gender ideology, sick experimental treatments. I mean this is the way our kids are being talked about. Reeves’ statements about protecting all children at all costs and that children are our number one priority. That’s not how trans kids are being discussed. Trans kids are being discussed with this type of language. Right. And they’re being treated like an anomaly. Like they’re dirty or like they’re liars. So, anybody in my opinion with a continuous who’s looking to have a civil discussion about how we can better improve our state and the way in which we are caring for the people of our state are not going to be discussing anyone with this type of language never mind young children, never mind a minority, of a minority, of a minority that only accounts for a couple of hundred people,” said Matar.

Matar said he is fearful of the mental state this bill will bring to trans youth. He says these types of messages impact a lot more than the community identified within the bill.

Matar said his organization will continue to fight for equal opportunities for trans youth and anyone in need of support can visit