Electric tractors hit the Mississippi market in Meridian

Published: Apr. 12, 2023 at 6:10 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - One local tractor dealer is introducing a piece of new machinery to the market to give customers an opportunity to not only save money but provide health benefits.

“One of the biggest concerns for us all is our health and our family’s health and it’s definitely healthier for you and your family,” said Solectrac Regional Director for South and Central U.S., Glen Ezell.

Meridian equipment dealer, Back Country Tractor is introducing you to Solectrac’s fully electric tractor line. Back Country Tractor partnered with Solectrac in response to the accelerated movement towards fully-electric solutions. Back Country Tractor is the only dealer in Mississippi to offer an electric tractor.

“There’s no diesel fuel to buy, there’s no oil to buy. You just simply plug it into your household, 110 current, let it charge overnight and it’s ready to go the next day. It operates for up to 8 hours depending on what you’re doing, in some cases a little less. But it’s a tractor we know is not for everyone but there are some people out there that are getting on board with it and people say well this is the future, well the future is here believe it or not,” said Ezell.

Ezell said the electric tractor will provide customers with health and environmental benefits, without sacrificing tractor power or capabilities.

“The noise decibels are 40% less there for its better for your health as far as your hearing goes. No exhaust like I was talking about earlier. If you put in the barns for the farmers who go in and clean out the stalls and so forth, there are no exhaust fumes for the animals or the individual to inhale. It’s also a tractor, if you’re into doing the farming with the non-chemicals and things of that nature then this also keeps the diesel fuel contaminates from spreading out over your vegetables and so forth,” said Ezell.

Ezell said customers can expect the tractor to be around the $29,000 to $30,000 price range. Ultimately saving customers money in the long run.

“Because it is so less expensive to operate, when you compare it to the price of a diesel tractor within 300 to 500 hours, depending on what tractor you’re looking at, you’ve recoopered the difference in cost so from there on its savings to put money back in your pocket,” said Ezell.

To learn more about Solectrac’s electric tractor you can visit Back Country Tractor at 400 North Frontage Road in Meridian.