Neshoba County GOP candidates meet and greet with voters

Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 9:35 PM CDT
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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) - Candidates running in this year’s elections are counting the days until the primaries. And Thursday night residents of Neshoba County got a chance to hear from some of those running for the Republican party.

The Neshoba County Republican Party, Women Republicans, and Teenage Republicans (TARS) invited candidates and elected officials to a meet-and-greet event in Philadelphia. Candidates were able to speak with voters about their platform and ways they hope to improve various areas of life for their constituents.

Chairman for the Neshoba County Republican Party, David Carter said they have an unprecedented number of candidates, with over 40 people running for offices.

“It’s a big decision it’s not just a matter of getting people registered to vote, but it’s actually getting the registered voters out to cast a ballot and that’s what we’re pushing for. Typically about 8,000 people in the county vote and what’s sad is that you take one precinct and only about 30% of the registered voters actually get out and vote so we’re hoping to get more people out actually to cast a ballot,” said Carter.

“They know more than your state-wide politicians, more than your federal politicians. They know exactly what the taxpayer needs, they know exactly what each and every individual person does. So the importance of getting out for local races is more important than state or federal. I mean I’m not going to try and compare them but when you start talking about who makes the direct impact and the different local elections are the way change you actually see happen,” said Neshoba County Teenage Republicans Chairman, Ty Martin.

The primary elections will be held on August 8th.