Southern Crop opens Meridian’s first cultivation and processing facility

Published: Apr. 26, 2023 at 9:41 PM CDT
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MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) - Southern Crop held its ribbon cutting Wednesday night in Meridian, introducing the community to its state-of-the-art cultivating and processing facility for medical marijuana.

A cut ribbon marks the official opening of the first licensed cultivation and processing facility in Mississippi for medical marijuana.

“It’s amazing we’ve been working on this facility for two years and to finally be here today and open it and welcome the community. Be able to thank our patients, thank everyone that’s helped support us. We’re most excited to be able to get this product now out to patients and a brand that they can trust. A true pharmacist brand. I can put my name behind this and know that we’re really going to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Southern Crop Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Randy Mire.

Mire is a pharmacist from Louisiana. So why open a cultivation and processing facility?

“Having the first license in Louisiana. I actually have the first dispensary license in Louisiana and dispensed to the first patient in the South. Doing that made me really see how beneficial this is for patients. I always wanted to be on the manufacturing side so that I can really make an impact with a true pharmaceutical-grade product,” said Mire.

Located right here in the Queen City, Southern Crop’s mission is to bring the medicinal properties of medical marijuana to the patients of Mississippi along with outreach to the community.

“Before even looking at our facility I went and visited with the mayor’s office first. Sitting down with mayor smith he was so welcoming. I specifically asked him if he was ok with our type of industry and he said we’re open for business, we will welcome you with open arms and that’s what made us choose this facility,” said Mire.

Southern Crop was established in 2020 and is currently partnered with 20 dispensaries in the state. Those who attended the grand opening got to tour the state-of-the-art facility and learn about the process of growing medical marijuana, creating and packaging the products

“I’m excited that we picked specific strands here at Southern Crop to grow that can be geared to certain diagnoses such as pain. It’s really amazing to make that difference in patients’ lives. They view this as any of their other medications. So month after month they want to rely on that product. We built this facility so that we can guarantee that they are going to have that same consistency as any other pharmaceutical product,” said Mire.

Southern Crop said they look forward to serving the entire state of Mississippi through its partnership with dispensaries. Southern Crop will also have dispensaries of its own called SOAR.

This is currently the only cultivating and processing facility in Meridian.